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Light of Life; story of Tamil-Hindu Maha Puja Thaipusam

Article Ibnu Avena Matondang

Title Light of Life, the story of Maha-puja Tamil Hindu Thaipusam Location Binjai / North Sumatra / Indonesia Time Friday/21/January/2011 Length 1:34:13
Synopsis Maha Puja Celebration of Thaipusam is one of celebration ritual performed by the ethnic Tamil-Hindu, this celebration is not only carried out ethnic Tamils in the country of origin but also carried out by Tamil-Hindu residing throughout the region, the ritual celebration this fall in January-February. Value maha puja celebration of Thaipusam is a process of undergoing / fulfill a promise to erase the sins that have been done so far as part of a ritual that is rooted in Tamil culture and Hindu traditions, the celebration of Thaipusam Maha Puja in Binjai framed in multicultural values that appear in the show. Like other ethnic presence in maha puja celebration of Thaipusam, this has become a habit Binjai-Hindu ethnic Tamil who has long lived side by side with other ethnic in Binjai. Multicu…